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@ $6.00   a month
Get the cost-free Hepsia web hosting CP and a selection of OSs with any of our OpenVZ-powered private virtual hosting servers.
@ $11.00   a month
With our private virtual hosting servers, you get full root/SSH access.
@ $40.00   a month
Semi-dedicated web hosting servers offer you more than shared web hosting plans and are more affordable than dedicated servers.
@ $45.00   a month
Order a dedicated web hosting server from us and forget all about the limitations of your ordinary shared web hosting account.

A User-Friendly Web Hosting Control Panel

Our one-of-a-kind hosting Control Panel permits you to manage your web site(s) and domain name(s) from one single place. It's quick, responsive and user-friendly. Making use of the drag 'n' drop file upload functionality and the convenient right-click contextual menus, you can easily supervise everything related to your site.

A Web Apps Installer

The Web Apps Installer tool gives you the ability to quickly install more than 40 popular web apps, among them Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many more, with only one click. You don't have to download anything or create a database - our tool will do everything for you.

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