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What are the uses of an SSL Certificate?

Currently, security is an essential internet site management element. With an SSL Certificate installed on your website, your users' personal info and your status as a dependable company will be kept unharmed. Actually, considering that Google declared their intention to provide a ranking advantage to SSL-powered sites, SSLs have become fundamental even for non-commercial web portals. Elasticis Hosting+ offers you reasonably priced SSL Certificates with strong encryption and re-issue options. Our 7-day money-back warranty will allow you to test our security services at no risk.

Why get an SSL Certificate from Elasticis Hosting+?

256-Bit EncryptionThis solid kind of data encryption will make your websites virtually invulnerable to web abuse.
A 7-Day MBGWe will send your money back if you're dissatisfied with the level of encryption ensured by our SSLs.
24x7 SupportIf you want help handling your SSL or want to know how to redirect all website traffic to https://, our 24x7 technical support team is ready to help you.